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Friday, October 15, 2004


As I walk thru the Garden

I'm sitting here waiting for the dump load of snow due tonight. The weather is finally on the turn.

Not feeling so great today after last couple of days enjoyment I guess it’s good to take a breather. Yesterday I got to venture up to Canmore, near Banff again, as Paul Weganest had arranged to meet up with a Welsh guy called Phil for lunch. Phil is over here having set up a B&B/prayer room in the mountains. He’s very interested in reconciliation between the First Nations and the settlers here. It was great to meet him and see someone who is fathering a lot of the Epic team here. We certainly had some exciting stuff to talk through but for more of that I guess things will happen in time.

After this journey, came home to then be organised by Sherri Victor to go out to watch the film ‘Garden State’. This is an amazing film all about the numbness we sometimes feel whilst journeying with life. It spoke to me lots about feeling alive and having just had that great day the day before of complete crystal clear thinking it was good to thank God for those sort of days and the fact that in Him there is so much more. Over the last few years I really have struggled with this as my health has often made it hard to really have that joi de vivre. Also with Doctors that put me on stupid medication that just makes you live on a constant, it make you realise how feeling is living. It was a great night as I got to see, although briefly, some guys I met over the last few months.

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