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Sunday, October 24, 2004


On Cruise Control

After my amazing night in Toronto I get to my next leg of the trip. It’s now time for the whirlwind Great Lakes tour. Niagara - Grand Rapids – Chicago – Grand Rapids and back to Toronto. So what of it? Well all I can say is that most of it, my mind was on cruise control like my car. After my deep level connection to Calgary and the previous night my time alone on this trip, was certainly dissolving me, but not much more.

I loved Chicago, but what did I love it for? I walked the streets and people tried to take advantage of me. There’s none of the naivety of the Canadian underclass here. Every beggar here was out to gain and weren’t satisfied with what little I could give. Crazies try and get me into their little schemes and gangs really scare me as I walk just South of the Loop, ok I’ll turn back. At one point I get asked the time by 4 guys and then go D’oh as I realise they’re looking at my watch. They then stare me out before I casually turn round and walk away, keen to be confident as I do this. They don’t hassle me again, but thanks that you were onto it God as I’m such a dummy.

Some of this trip feels like I’m in an interactive movie as I’m with no one I know to give me context to life. I interact with people, but it’s all so limited. I purchase a bit of food, buy a ticket to the train, I feel almost autistic in the limit of what this interactive movie can do. Won’t someone be real with me? At least throw us a line that’s not in the script, surely there’s heart somewhere not just a ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘have a nice day’?

I’m so glad that I have the wedding of James and Kari to go to put me back into context with the living. This was a great Wedding and, I love all you guys there.

The last part of the trip is back in Toronto where I decide to go to The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. Here I line up as most do to take the trip down a Firewall. Going down in the Spirit is nothing new to me(*), and actually the part I took away from this place was the good solid teaching which confirmed a load of stuff God had been chatting to me about limits of bodies and to ponder what it will be like to fly. Matrix people.

*God, I still love it when you touch by your spirit, please don’t be dissed

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