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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Paying the price of watching life fly by. Deconstructing Andy

As some of you may know, I’ve decided and been forced to give up my car. So these last couple of weeks back home in leafy Windlesham (the village of my home, v much like the shire in Lord of The Rings) have been somewhat challenging. No public transport exists for miles around in our Tory-centric wannabe idyllic village.

Pilgrimage is so much fun when you’re not busting a gut in the busy traffic, also when you’re having to rely on people to give you lifts or just the chance to sit and watch life on the train. Thousands of us daily take up our little commutes and yet how many of us think of our little trip being little pilgrimages to the places where we’re going. Are we expecting to meet with God where we are going, or whilst we travel.?

Again I want to flag up this amazing book ‘Eleanor Rigby’, this is my must read for the year. Having already got into the importance of incarnation I’m now forced to think about what travel does to us. Coupland journeys on the idea that travel dissolves us, forcing us to rebuild who we are, and yet our cars let us stay the same.

I have to think more about preparation to travel and the reality is that also when I get my bike, being forced not to travel by my condition. I know that this is key for me. If I’m not well enough to ride my bike to get out, I’m not well enough to work and travel half the country to see you. This is very much the way it will be in the next while and will be a forced discipline I need to heed.

Coupland goes on about all the religious whacks that hang out at airports, stations and ‘gateways’ as he put it. All because they know that it’s a chance to reconstruct YOU.

I’ve come from a meeting last night in an amazing place called the Jesus House in North London. This is a Black Majority Church just on the bottom of the M1 motorway. It used to be a RAC building. The RAC building was a place that directed traffic communication. The site of this building makes one wonder why God would want to give that place over to Him to Prayer and Worship. This evening is a meeting about looking at establishing a Boiler Room in North London. This was a truly great evening, where Black and White worshipped and prayed together with common cause, praying for God to do something with us here in North London.

Talking of journeys, it was a pleasure spending countless hours on the M25 with you last Sunday Andy! Ribena, Maltesers, the Dave Matthews Band and a REALLY sore clutch leg! AAAHHH I can still feel it now!
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