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Friday, December 24, 2004


Walk to Christmas

Every year we take the walk to Christmas. It is becoming a longer walk for most of us starting in the materialistic west in October and in some places earlier. December now is an entire month celebrating this winter festival period, which used to be enjoyed for at most a day.

Our old village Anglican Church this year took on labyrinth with a twist. We called it the Walk to Christmas and it used the 9 readings taken from the Nine Lessons and Carols service that is celebrated every year at Kings College Cambridge. Each prayer station had a bit of a devotional meditation to take us on the journey. It was so great to stop and spend time during this ‘stressful’ time and realise that this path is one we take every year and yet our journeys with God are ongoing and seldom feel like you are doing the same journey year on year.
I joked the other day that the church gets so stressed that we should think of having a jubilee Christmas every 7 years where we abstain from celebrations. Yet in this time I’ve realised the importance of annual pilgrimage. So often New Year gives us this time to reflect and come to a place of new beginning and new hope. Let’s hope it’s a good one, with plenty of cheer.

*My favourite station in our prayer week at church involved a map of Israel and Palestine. My friend Steve cut this up to make it into a jigsaw and left it apart such that when coming to pray one would complete the jigsaw puzzle.

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Hi andy, emily here. sorry to miss you at New year, hope you are well. Maybe see you in feb.
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