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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Home of the Brave

Last time I left Canada, I thought I would return for good, the place felt like home, upon arrival at Toronto, travel weary, I am in awe of God’s creation; the ice fields of Labrador were stunning. Whilst in the air there was a real stillness in the skies today.

As I’m writing, I’m checking the DVD I brought containing a show reel of Gosbrook house, our new venue for prayer in Reading. Already I miss it. I’ve been down a couple of times since the launch and it’s so good to be getting back to what we’re meant to be about. The time away was oh so valuable, but was way too long. At last these boiler rooms seem to be taking off. Let’s not hype it too much as it is very much a start in Reading, Wandsworth and Calgary.

I deliberately leave out our other active Boiler Room, Staines, because after their last week of 24-7Prayer, something there really seems to have shifted and the guys have found that they’ve had several youngsters coming in and hanging out. The time they’ve taken considerately to sow into the area really seems to be coming into a place now of meeting the needs of some of the local kids. Nigel, West London Boiler Room guru, was telling me last night all about a group of young offenders that they’ve been working with. At their regular Thursday morning with these guys, one of the lads was having a go at life in general, and in particular Christianity, The Boiler Room team proceeded to let this play out as several of the offenders who feel that they’re on their last chance, managed to get really heated with one another. One of the lads, with no background and no connection to Christianity then decided to back the Boiler Room guys. He said how much they’d helped him and that they could help this other lad too. The rest of the group then got involved and backed the lad who loves the Boiler crew. With tensions then diffusing as this leader of the mob backed Nigel and his companions, we’re now left with a bunch of kids who just want to come and spend time at this boiler room.

It’s with this sense of watching, waiting, 24-7-365, time being taken to watch and wait, that I’m eager to see how my friends in Calgary are doing.

God Bless to all my friends at home, time away makes one realise who matter.


By the way, there's a certain Kerrang quote bouncing its way around.

Cheeky. Very cheeky!
good to see your blogging again....have a great time of it.
speak soon..
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