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Sunday, April 03, 2005


The Pope Must Die

I know it’s an insensitive title, but it borrows the tile of a funny movie starring Robbie Coltrane and speaks a truth that the Pope has a physical death. This fact one cannot deny. Sorry if it causes offence.

I’m not about to get into the theological wrangling of Catholicism; instead I choose to walk the true call to a united ecumenism.

I had the privilege to be at the 24-7 Prayer Canada Gathering in Calgary today. Our 3-day conference was housed in the recently launched Urban Monastery, which resides in a building hosted by the Catholic “The Jesus Loves You Society”.

A 3rd Order Franciscan monk named Carla hosts the building. The Urban Monastery here in Calgary, really are journeying and exploring Catholic roots of monasticism.

Today was so great to pray in a Catholic building at such a key time for the church as Pope John Paul II passed away. Today I got to pray with my new friend Chris Jones in the chapel in this place. The heaviness of the presence of God in this room was incredible and we found ourselves having to be on our knees.

totally unconnected-
andy - hi - afraid i prob wont be able to make it down to the cephas gig and neither can the wakenthedead guys but i will be down in reading for the week next week so hopefully will see you - enjoy the rest of your time in calgary
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