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Sunday, October 23, 2005


The Eagle has Landed

Journeys are amazing, everyone on them has an interesting story to tell. Yet again I find myself asking God for this not to be a tune in chill out flight. I have to admit I fail pretty much at that for the majority of the journey today. But at the key moments I always end up chatting to someone, in the lounge before boarding and then once in my seat on take off and landing.

In the airport lounge I got chatting to a couple from between Vancouver and Calgary whom had a son who used to serve at this Salvation Army centre in Calgary, which is where I write this from. They are amazed at the idea of 24-7 Prayer, just a little chance to share.

The 24-7 Prayer guys in Calgary this week are having a prayer week in a salvation army homeless centre and this is where I am writing now and reflecting on the day (more like 2days, I'm so tired).

On the flight I watched Ray. The film moved me as I thought of all of our flawed characters, and how without God in our lives how sad it is. You know sad, the word that used to mean something other that being the opposite of cool. I didn't cry at the film although it was one of those films that usually has me blubbering a bit. I held back the tears because of the 2 guys sitting next to me, Big bruisers of guys who work in construction. I get to chat to them quite a lot during the flight. I don't really get to share anything of who I am, except that I offer them sweets,drinks and the newspaper. Things that the old airlines used to offer.

Upon landing, an eagle landed with us. I watched it out of the window pouncing on it's prey. I wondered what it means, it seemed quite an interesting sign, if you believe in those sort of things.

I'm amazed at how several people from the shelter have wandered into get a piece of this prayerful place. Two or Three are gathered silently writing and producing their own bits of art. The prayer room is alive with bits of stuff. It's alive with writings and pictures from those brave amongst the Christian fraterninty to come and cross the threshold of what is essentially a crack house. But it's also vibrant with prayers of genuine childlike, heartfelt and crazy prayers offered up by those that dwell in the building, 'Love God, not money' one such revelation says.

I find myself asking why have we removed the poor from the place of prayer in so much of our Churchianity. Capture us again O Lord. I'm pretty dead on my feet but am amazed at your presence here God. Let me join you in your outworking of you plan. You are here beckoning me to come, put up your sails and ride the wind of the open water.

yes you have been negligent on your updates, so much so that I usually don't check your site anymore, but was checking all my friends blog sites while eating my breakfast and what do I find!! Funny to read an update on your life when we are in the same city too....
So the eagle has huge significance, sadly I don't know what it means for you - but that's the fun things about moments like that - waiting for the revelation from God. Eagles are honored among the First Nations as they symbolize so many things - the ones I hear most frequently are courage, strength and wisdom. I have lived in this ares all of my 27 years and have never seen a eagle here, which is considered a blessing. So consider yourself blessed and welcomed by this land.
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