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Saturday, October 29, 2005


One Art?

I went to see a film entitled 'In Her Shoes' tonight. A couple of key moments in the film involved poetry. One such poem is One Art by Elizbeth Bishop.

A couple of lines in the poem got me going as I consedered some of what I will lose when I come to Canada next year. Friends and family have always been of major importance to me and yet I can so often be like the message that sometimes come up on my wireless 'limited or no connectivity'. So here over this next year is an attempt to connect to those whom I love, to communicate to you more.

The thing of looking at poetry made me question where I am at with poetry as a creative form in my own life. So I thought I'd write my own bit of poetry to try and convey myself.

The Great Divide

I once was a poet
I've just recalled that I knew
1+1 =3 with no tick
Forced me so quick
To think around and through and accumulate, accrue

Building a tower was all the rage,
But something far more ornate, would surely satisfy?

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