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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Pressing the Escape button

First of all I have to confess that one of the details of yesterday's blog was a tad inaccurate. The prayer written saying 'Love God not money' was as I said a childlike prayer and that is because I found out later that it was written by Dan Schoester's son Logan. Not exactly the cool simple revelation from some resident in the Salvation Army centre that I thought it was. Oh well we all make mistakes. I was told though that one of the other little nuggets on the walls was written by this guy who waltzed into the prayer room, wrote a profound statement and waltzed out again. The statement was akin to 'If we have no pain then how do we know that we are in this reality' and then moved onto thank God for the pain. The implications of a statement like that are massive, something so much about God showing us the pain around us that he doesn't want us to just leave and press the escape button.

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