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Monday, August 14, 2006



The longer time gets the more I realise that it is in my brokeness that Christ works. I've been currently reading Watchman Nee's 'The Release of the Spirit' with a group called Church of the Forgiven here in Calgary. This group meets every night at a 24-hr cafe to pray, talk about what God is doing in their lives and connect with those others in the cafe. It's an incredible environment which houses people trying to stop themselves from drifting into temptation. The cafe holds an AA meeting and lots of other people just trying to stop themselves from falling. It's what I guess in some ways church should be doing, except that this place just feels like a holding place and so God's presence can really fill the void and let people have hope and dream again.

Anyway, Dave the guy who started the group there through some prophetic evangelism asked me if I would join these guys. Dave is probably one of the true friends I have since coming here and he's great and yet also so aware of how broken he is. I too, am a broken man struggling to get home. This book has been a great one letting us get a glimpse of insight as to what God wants to do in us and through us. I think some of this journey can be summed up by a song called Broken Stones by Paul Weller.

'Like pebbles on a beach
Kicked around, displaced by feet
Like broken stones - all trying to get home.
Like a loser’s reach
Too slow & short to hit the peaks
So lost & alone - trying to get home.

As another piece shatters
Another little bit gets lost
And what else really matters - at such a cost?

Like a loser’s reach -
Too slow & short to hit the peaks
So lost & alone - trying to get home.

Trying to get home -
Like broken stones - all trying to get home.'

you blogged. i'm so proud! good to read you again. ;-)
I have just read a very small part of this book 'The Release of the Spirit' online: http://www.worldinvisible.com/library/nee/5f00.0638/5f00.0638.c.htm
I found it quite helpful and insightful to view the soul and spirit as two interdependent entities encapsulated inside the human form. When you say you are broken, I was quite fearful for your wellbeing but hopefully the definition in the book explains it.
That's a fantastic website Nick, I'm encouraged to read all those books on there now. Most of those books are real classics.

The term brokeness, is addressed to the outer man, as the word 'Spirit' in the Bible is interchanged when talking about followers of Christ's spirit and the holy Spirit. It's to state that as we journey with Christ and accept him into our hearts that at that point the Holy Spirit lives within us. However there's something that's stopping the Spirit impact the world as it should and this is what the Watchmen Nee book is about. It's about that need to see God break us of our sinful tendencies and selfishness and then allow him to fully work through us. I know that personally I've not seen anything of the glory talked about in the New Testament, yet Christ said that his disciples would go beyond some of the things that he did. That we would have more miracles,more more more. The thing holding us up is our soul/outer man and body/outermost man. My brokenness has been a real journey and it's been so linked with my struggling health over the years. I'm ok though just to make sure no-one freaks out. I've had a couple of virus' since getting here so prayers appreciated still for my health.
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