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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


House Ramblings

So I was looking online at this site called rentfaster.ca, where one can look for different rental properties and I find this one labelled 'Executive House' 4 Bedroom, $4200CDN a month! (a wee bit pricey for us) I was intrigued by it's location as it was the closest house to downtown that I could find on the internet, so I thought I'd take a look at the details, even if it was wishful thinking. So then under the details there's a hyperlink saying 4 Bedrooms, plus 4 possible bedrooms that are used as office, and nursery. So I then realised that this place could house us all. Even so, it's still out of our budget of $4500 including utilities.

I rang them up to arrange a viewing. So Jamie, Sherry Victor, Nolan and myself look around this place. One other thing that intrigues me was that on the advert it said close to active church of Scarboro United. We pitch up, and the lady to show us around is there, slightly bemused by 4 young adults coming to view an executive house. She asks us what' our story? To which we reply that we're part of a house church who want to live in community together! Still very unsure of this, she tells us that she's part of the local church. She's helping out her friend to rent the place out. Her friend Cindy, who owns the place, now lives in Edmonton. Cindy used to attend Brentview Baptist which Epic was part of in it's infancy. So we look around the place and don't mention much, say thanks to Glori-Jean who's shown us around and then head out to the park opposite to talk. We then decide to pray, we can see that this place could work as it's close to downtown and yet a safe neighbourhood, which doesn't particularly interest Jamie or myself. We asked God to give us an idea of guidance on the place.

Two hours later I receive a phone call from Cindy, the owner. She wants to know who we are and some more details. She also wants to cut a bargain. So I tell her that we're a Christian group looking for somewhere etc. She then says that she used to attend Brentview. She comes at me with the question, 'so how would nine of you live in the 8 bedroom house.' I then tell her that it's our intention that we share rooms, Jamie and Me in one, Pam and Sherry another and RJ and Nolan another. So I get the response I was expecting, 'guys and girls in the same house', an uneasy tone in her voice. She wonders what we're about and whether she can let this happen. I then tell her that as we looked around the building we were trying to work out whether the guys could go on one floor, with the girls on another. Plus I said with 4 Bathrooms in the property there's safety too. Good old North America. So she then says 'wow, that's great', clearly pleased by my diplomatic response and caution in my voice. She then proceeds to say 'well I don't have a problem with that'. She then said, that she wanted to cut a deal to be able to use the Basement from time to time. She'd be prepared to drop the rent and include utilities as long as she could furnish the basement. We could use it still, but not always. I said wow, as we weren't sure we could meet the amount needed for rent.

She then asks who we are and what we're about. So I tell her a bit about our dream of a community house and about prayer for the city, about our values. She's astounded! Last week after putting the property up for rent in June, she and her husband turned to prayer to ask God for someone to rent it, but that it would be a blessing to someone. She then tells me that the place has been a great place of peace and joy for 3 years for her family. The previous tenants also had 40 years of blessing and before that the kid that grew up in the house became a catholic bishop. She said I know this house is meant for God.

The next day she rang back to give us the price, 4000 a month including utilities, free phone to US+Canada, and Cable TV. Plus she then says if you want to have people to stay in the guest suite when she's not using it, then that's fine. At which I said that was one thing I was going to ask as we're about hospitality and would love to have a place for people to stay. She responds by saying I'm all about hospitality, it's one of my primary gifts.'

So the following week we realise the gift from God this is for us and all take a step in faith to sign our contract to move into a community house of prayer starting September 1st 2006

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