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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Journey of the joy in mornings

As many of you know, mornings have never been my favourite time. I have for years been a night owl, but over this last year God has been taking me on a journey to appreciate the morning, I am now in a more healthy less begrudging place when I surface. Last year on Transit (a year long discipleship course with 24-7 Prayer) I learnt to let God discipline me to ‘do mornings’, coming back into this community house here in Calgary I am now finally getting into a place of enjoying the morning and appreciating it. The year of discipline I believe has led to a joy being born.

My mornings here are developing as some of us get up to pray at 6:30 am for prayer every morning. We are now a month into our Urban Monk living and this is the year of grace for us as we form our identity and work out what our rhythm and discipline will be. Last week I returned from the UK after a 2 week visit for our International 24-7 Prayer meetings. So out of the first month of this life together I have really not been part of the 1st month, however last week we started as a community to gauge somewhat of a rhythm. We all sat down in the evening together for meals and prayer happened in the house. There is still much to be carved out of life here in this place, but at least we have made some sort of a stab at it.

As I walked back this crisp snowy morning from the swimming baths, I reflected on the fall getting close to ‘fell’ as the leaves are crisping up before falling off the tree later this week beckoning in winter. God reminds me about joy in all seasons. Yesterday, Andrea, one of my housemates said to me ‘
‘You’ve had it good, you’ve had the finest summer we’ve had here in Calgary in years and now you’re encountering the sharpest colours fall have given us in a lifetime too’

So as the winter draws near, I’m conscious to pray God would you let there be a deep-seated joy in me this winter, let me enjoy all the seasons.

So I leave you with one thought and ask for you to join my prayer for snow this Christmas here for my family and me, as my parents and brother and sister-in-law join me here.

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