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Monday, August 21, 2006


Messing About (Aboot) in The River

So yesterday, on my Sunday, I took to the river with my friend Jamie Mc Mechan. It's quite a standard weekend hobby here in Calgary to take to the river to 'float' or 'tube', to sit back and relax and enjoy the sunny weather.

With precision we worked out our trip, we managed to drop a car off at the end which we left a towel for each of us and then headed to get our life jackets and paddles and then drove to our starting point. We started at 5:30 at Bowness Park, the idea being that we wanted to finish our journey at sunset. This was our first ride on the Bow which is tame, but we knew that we'd get to ride one rapid just by the downtown.

the journey took us on water that managed to swish us along at a few km per hour and also just seemed at places to not go at all, we sat back eating chips wishing we'd brought the beer and cigars with us. At times we prayed on the trip, other times we had nothing to say to one another. I really appreciate Jamie's friendship. He's a guy who I admire for his faith and his foot in reality. It's great to hear of his passion for his new college course starting in the fall and to hear his experience of community living.

Before I came to Canada, I spoke at my church commissioning service about the need to individually ride in my coracle like Brendon setting off for the Americas. I knew I was saying goodbye to a continent, but I didn't fully know where this journey was taking me. Was it to be rough waters, a mill pond, or was I going to find a bigger vessel to hop onto? I was reminded of this message of the future mystery of our journey. Sometimes I wonder as Christians whether we've become more risk aversed as we sometimes think to sit and wait for heaven and yet Faith is an adventure anything but the safe waiting to be whisked off to heaven. I look at Paul and think of his shipwrecks and prison time and am amazed at his journey.

So to the journey that I'm on. As Jamie and I tied on, our two boats coalescing together from 30 minutes into our ride down the Bow river, I start to think that this is a glimpse at our next year. In just over two weeks time we shall be moving into our community house to start a rhythm of prayer. Still there is lots left that is unknown but as we journey we shall ride the rapids together, take the current together. The river will probably have us spinning at times and other times some of us will provide shelter from the waves for the other, but one thing remains; that God will be with us as we step out.

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